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In addition to our laundry and dry cleaning services, we also offer specialist cleaning for clothing and furnishings.

• Wedding dress cleaning

• Curtain cleaning

• Duvet cleaning

Specialist cleaning services

Exceptional care for weddings dresses

A wedding dress can be the most expensive item of clothing you'll ever buy. Add its sentimental value, and you can appreciate that storing it correctly is extremely important in order to retain its beauty for years to come.


To ensure that the dress stays in pristine condition it's important to have it professionally cleaned before it is stored. Some stains are colourless to begin with, but discolour the dress over time.


For instance, perspiration and body oils often turn fabric yellow, while sugar stains from spilt soft drinks or alcohol can turn brown.


Take advantage of our free collection and delivery service to ensure that your wedding dress stays as beautiful as the day you wore it, indefinitely.

Cleaning bulky items such as duvets and curtains can be close to impossible without oversized washing machines and driers.


Cut-out the hassle with a call to Lennox Belstead, we offer free collection and delivery for your convenience.

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Duvets and curtains

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